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Acrylic Ramadan Iftar Calendar

The Acrylic Ramadan Iftar Calendar is a unique product specially designed for the holy month of Ramadan. The calendar is made of high-quality, transparent acrylic glass and comes with a practical overlay pen that can be used to quickly and easily write down the date and time.

The special thing about this calendar is that it can be wiped off. This allows it to be used again every year and you can update the date and time daily. This way you always have an overview of the sunrise and sunset during Ramadan in order to be able to accurately observe the daily fasting period.

Another highlight of the Ramadan Iftar calendar is the acrylic stand that is included in the scope of delivery. This ensures that the calendar can be set up stably and is clearly visible at all times.

The Ramadan Iftar calendar made of acrylic glass is not only practical and functional, but also a beautiful decorative piece. The modern design and the high-quality materials make it an eye-catcher in every room.

With this calendar you can design your Ramadan in a special way and look forward to the joint Iftar festival in the evening.

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